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Institutional Licensed Users


What is GeriatricsCareOnline.org?

GeriatricsCareOnline.org is the comprehensive online resource of American Geriatrics Society (AGS) publications and products.   


What are the benefits of registering with GeriatricsCareOnline?

Registration is required to place orders on the site and access free AGS products. Registered users can manage their own personal digital library, create and track bookmarks within publications, take notes, save searches, and more. AGS members are automatically registered with GeriatricsCareOnline and can use the same email and password they do at AmericanGeriatrics.org.

How do I register for the site?

Create an account by registering online here.

Shopping and Payment

Do I need to be logged in to purchase a product from GeriatricsCareOnline.org?

Yes. You can browse the site without logging in, but you must log in to buy online.

Can I purchase a print (non-digital) publication on the website?

Yes. You can purchase both print and digital products through GeriatricsCareOnline. For orders of print products only, you may also order over the phone by calling Fry Communications at 1-800-334-1429, x2338.

Can I pay by check?

Yes, but all orders must be pre-paid. If you need to place an order for a print product by check, please contact Fry Communications at 1-800-334-1429, x2338.

If you need to place an order for a digital subscription by check, please use the Contact Us form and include your order request in the message box. We will get in touch with you to start the invoicing process.

What product formats are available on GeriatricsCareOnline.org?

Information about a product's format is available on the detail page for that product. Many products are available both digitally and in print. In addition, many digital products provide the option to purchase either the entire text or individual chapters.

Can I buy a GeriatricsCareOnline.org product in both print and digital formats together?

Yes. Products available in both print and digital can be purchased in both formats together at a lower bundled cost than each item’s individual purchase price.

I purchased a digital copy of a product. Where do I find it?

As soon as you purchase a digital product, you can access the content from the Table of Contents or Download button on the product detail page. Access is also available through the “My Library” tab.

My organization is a non-profit entity.  Why am I being charged sales tax?

Sales tax is automatically calculated for customers in the states of New York and Pennsylvania.  If you would like to make a tax-exempt purchase for New York or Pennsylvania, please email GCOinfo@americangeriatrics.org before completing the order with your tax exempt certificate. We will then assist with completing the purchase free of sales tax. 

What is your return policy for print publications?

Print products may be returned within 3 months of the original purchase date.  Pre-authorization is required.  Refunds cover the cost of the product(s) minus a 20% restocking fee.  Shipping costs are not included in refunds, and the customer is responsible for return shipping.  Please send return requests to GCOinfo@americangeriatrics.org.

What is your return policy for digital publications?

Non-downloadable, digital subscriptions for full publications are eligible for return within 30 days of the original purchase date.  Claiming CME for a digital product renders the order ineligible for return. Please send return requests to GCOinfo@americangeriatrics.org


How do I purchase a product using my AGS Member Discount?

When you sign in as a paid AGS Member, the member discount is automatically applied to items added to your shopping cart.

I received a coupon code for a discount on my purchase. How do I apply the code?

Coupon codes are redeemed during checkout. You will be prompted to enter your code on the Summary and Discounts page before providing payment information.

Can I apply multiple coupon code discounts to an order?

Yes. You may only apply one coupon code to a product, but you can use more than one coupon code when purchasing multiple products within a single transaction.

I received a PIN code to unlock access to a digital product. How do I apply the PIN?

Gain access with your PIN code by logging into your GeriatricsCareOnline user account and visiting the product's detail page. Select the orange "Activate PIN" button in the upper right and enter the PIN. After the PIN is accepted, the product will be available in the “My Library” tab.


How will my order be shipped? Can I track my shipment?

Domestic Customers
Standard shipping: Standard shipping is automatically selected online. Most orders will be sent USPS Media Mail with an expected arrival of 1-2 weeks after your order is placed. Tracking information is not available with USPS Media Mail. If tracking is available for your order, you will receive an email notification. 

Expedited shipping: You may opt to have your order shipped UPS with tracking information for an additional fee. If you would like to choose this option, call 1-800-334-1429 x 2338 or email GCOinfo@americangeriatrics.org to obtain a quote. 

International Customers
Standard shipping: The standard rate is charged automatically when you check out. Purchases made with standard shipping have an expected arrival of 4-8 weeks after your order is placed, depending on your location. Tracking information is not guaranteed but may be available. Email GCOinfo@americangeriatrics.org with your order number for more information.

Expedited shipping: You may opt to have your order shipped with tracking information for an additional fee, which will be calculated based on the delivery location. If you would like to choose this option, please contact Fry Communications at 1-800-334-1429 x2338, or craig.eaton@frycomm.com.

Institutional Licensed Users

How do I log in?

Institutional subscribers can access materials that their institution has purchased by visiting GeriatricsCareOnline.org using a computer within the IP address range of that institution. When you are authenticated, the welcome message in the upper right will display your institution name. (A few institutional subscribers access their subscriptions through a username and password. If this is the case for your institution, your administrator will have access to those credentials.)

As an institutional user, can I access any of the personalized features on GeriatricsCareOnline.org?

Institutional subscribers can set up a sub-user account to access personalization features, such as the My Notes, My Bookmarks, and Saved Searches features.

How can I purchase products in addition to those subscribed to by my institution?

To purchase products in addition to those subscribed to by your institution, purchase products not included in your institution's subscription, you need to log out as an institutional sub-user and register then login with your own personal account at https://GeriatricsCareOnline.org/commonlogin/.  Once logged into your personal account, you can purchase products not included in your institution's subscription. (It is not possible to connect both your institutional account and your personal account for integrated access during the same online session.)

 How do I get information about institutional licenses to access products on GeriatricsCareOnline.org?

To get detailed information about securing an institutional license, complete and submit the Institutional License form.



Shopping and Payment



Institutional Licensed Users