Safe Older Drivers - Mobile App

Product Type : Mobile Apps
Language : English
Publisher :American Geriatrics Society
Year of publication : 2017



The American Geriatrics Society developed this app under a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), with the goal of helping health care practitioners prevent motor vehicle crashes and injury to older adults. Health care practitioners caring for older adults are in a leading position to address and correct this public health concern at the individual patient and caregiver level. By adopting preventive practices—including the assessment and counseling strategies outlined in this app—clinicians can better identify older drivers at risk for crashes, help enhance their driving safety, and ease the transition to driving retirement if and when it becomes necessary.

This app can be obtained for Android devices and Apple devices.

Also available is the Clinician's Guide to Assessing and Counseling Older Drivers, 4th edition,  the comprehensive guide to older adult driving on which this app is based.

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