GRS11 Mobile App

Product Type : Mobile Apps
Publisher :American Geriatrics Society
Year of publication : 2021



The GRS11 Mobile App is free to those who purchase an individual GRS11 subscription and contains all GRS11 content.

  • Read, bookmark, and take notes on GRS chapter content
  • Create and take customized practice exams
  • Take the GRS exam for CME and/ or MOC credit 1/1/2022 through 12/30/2024

Please note:The GRS11 Mobile App platform is separate from Bookmarks, notes, practice tests, and exams created with the app are stored locally on the device and will not be available online or on other devices with the app. Once the CME exam is begun with the mobile app, it must be completed with the app on that same device.

App : 3 Years