Geriatrics At Your Fingertips 2017 - Mobile App

Product Type : Mobile Apps
Language : English
Publisher :American Geriatrics Society
Editors : David B. Reuben, MD; Keela A. Herr, PhD, RN; James T. Pacala, MD, MS; Bruce G. Pollock, MD, PhD; Jane F. Potter, MD; Todd P. Semla, MS, PharmD
Year of publication : 2017


Geriatrics At Your Fingertips™ (GAYF) is an annually updated reference that provides quick, easy access to the specific information clinicians need to make decisions about the care of older adults. Included in this updated app, among other content, is new and expanded material covering: frailty, respiratory viruses other than influenza, physician-assisted dying, and the US Preventive Services Task Force recommendations against screening for some conditions. Additionally, the authors have reorganized the malnutrition section and have expanded the coverage of dietary, behavioral, pharmacological, and surgical treatments for obesity and overweight.

The Geriatrics At Your Fingertips™ app contains the latest content in the GAYF 2017 print edition, published by the American Geriatrics Society and available at

Find quick answers to your geriatric assessment and treatment questions with:
• Free and continuous content updates for one year after purchase.
• Over 100 tables containing current medication information, searchable by generic or trade names
• Easy-to-use algorithms
• Assessment instruments that calculate responses
• Fast, comprehensive search and index functions
• Calculating equations for commonly used formulas
• A bookmark feature for frequently referenced content
• Links to many resources and websites

Directions for downloading the app after purchase: go to the My Library tab and view the entry for the GAYF App. You will see an orange button labeled "Download". After clicking on the Download button, select the Apple or Android icon to select your platform.

App : 1 Year

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