Doorway Thoughts: Cross-Cultural Health Care for Older Adults

Product Type : Books & Online Texts
Language : English
Publisher :American Geriatrics Society
Editors : Sharon Brangman, MD, FACP, AGSF; Vyjeyanthi S. Periyakoil, MBBS, MD
ISBN : 1-886775-33-8
Year of publication : 2014



Product Description

The Doorway Thoughts series addresses issues and concerns providing relevant details regarding the beliefs, traditions, and customs that would apply to clinical encounters with an older adult from 15 groups of diverse ethnic backgrounds: African Americans, American Indians and Alaska Natives, Arab Americans, Asian Indian Americans, Chinese Americans, Hispanic Americans, Japanese Americans, Vietnamese Americans, Filipino Americans, Vietnamese Americans, Korean Americans, Pakistani Americans, Haitian Americans, Portuguese Americans, and Russian-Speaking Americans.

The series focuses on topics relevant to intercultural care, including health literacy, approaches to clinician education, and the interface between spirituality and health decision making.

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