Caregiver Tips Presentation Kit

Product Type : Teaching Slides
Language : English
Publisher :American Geriatrics Society
Year of publication : 2015



The AGS Health in Aging’s Caregiver Tips Presentation Kit, an update to the previously published Eldercare At Home Presentation Kit, is a perfect resource for training family and informal caregivers, as well as for use with volunteers and home health aides.
The Caregiver Tips Presentation Kit includes 21 presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint that can be used as stand-alone lectures or to complement a lecturer's personal teaching materials. Through the use of bulleted lists along with illustrations, The presentations give clear, practical instructions for dealing with common caregiving problems and support a problem-solving approach to managing care at home and working cooperatively with health professionals.
Caregiver Tips provides caregivers with a model for the kinds of information needed to solve common problems they may encounter while taking care of older adults. The content for each presentation is organized into five major topic areas:
  • Understanding the problem
  • When to get professional help
  • What you can do to help
  • Possible obstacles
  • Carrying out and adjusting the care plan
The full plain text version of Health in Aging’s Caregiver Tips, designed for individual use online, can be found at free of charge.

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