AGS/ADGAP Geriatrics Curriculum for Residency Programs

Product Type : Clinical Tools
Language : English
Publisher :American Geriatrics Society
Year of publication : 2021



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The AGS/ADGAP Geriatrics Curriculum is a resource for Family Medicine and Internal Medicine residency programs, meant as a guide to support their curriculum development. The proposed activities and learning points are designed to emphasize core Geriatrics topics applicable to future Primary Care, Hospitalist, and/or other Medical Subspecialty practices. 

The guide is presented chronologically. It begins with a brief introduction to Geriatrics (boot camp), which would fit well with intern year orientation. This is followed by two separate options to allow for exposure and education: a longitudinal experience that would cover core Geriatrics topics over the course of a 3-year residency or a traditional 2-4 week Geriatrics rotation block in PGY-2 or PGY-3 year.  There is also an example schedule to use if adopting the longitudinal curriculum.

In addition, this curriculum includes mapped teaching methods and resources with the longitudinal and traditional pathways. Most tools are available for no fee (but may require creating a free log-in). However, there are several resources that were necessary to include that do require a fee or subscription.

Please note, the Geriatrics Competencies for Residents, included in this resource as well, will go through a revision soon and this curriculum will be edited and re-published based on any necessary changes.


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