AGS Beers Criteria® for Potentially Inappropriate Medications for Older Adults Mobile App

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Publisher :American Geriatrics Society
Year of publication : 2023



Based on the 2023 Updated AGS Beers Criteria® for Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use in Older Adults, The AGS Beers Criteria® mobile app helps clinicians implement prescribing recommendations based on a compendium of medications potentially to avoid or consider with caution because they often present an unfavorable balance of benefits and harms for older adults. 

Key Features:

  • Quick search by generic drug name, organ system, disease, or syndrome of concern.
  • Browse medications by category: 1) Potentially Inappropriate Medications (PIMs) for Older Adults; 2) PIMs for Older Adults with a Specific Disease or Syndrome; 3) Drugs to Use with Caution in Older Adults; 4) Drug – Drug Interactions; 5) PIMs Due to Reduced Kidney Function; 6) Drugs with Strong Anticholinergic Properties; 7) Criteria Removed.
  • Ability to add bookmarks and take notes within content.
  • View and share patient resources on medications and older adults designed specifically for older adults and caregivers.

The AGS Beers Criteria® aim to guide older people and health professionals away from potentially harmful medications while also helping health systems recognize such decisions when assessing care quality. Though not an exhaustive catalogue of inappropriate treatments, the five lists included in the AGS Beers Criteria® describe particular medications with evidence suggesting they should be:

  • Avoided by most older people (outside of hospice and palliative care settings);
  • Avoided by older people with specific health conditions;
  • Avoided in combination with other treatments because of the risk for harmful “drug-drug” interactions;
  • Used with caution because of the potential for harmful side effects; or
  • Dosed differently or avoided among people with reduced kidney function, which impacts how the body processes medicine.

The AGS Beers Criteria® are meant to be used as a resource for healthcare providers, not a replacement for their experience and knowledge. The AGS Beers Criteria® should never solely dictate how medications are prescribed, nor should they serve as a justification for restricting health coverage. Older adults and caregivers can learn more about medications and older adults at

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