Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP)

Product Type : Annual Meeting Presentations
Language : English
Publisher :American Geriatrics Society
Year of publication : 2021



This course is designed to educate AGS CoCare®: HELP teams regarding strategies for delirium prevention, using AGS CoCare®: HELP to improve hospital-wide care of older adults. 

Learning Objectives: (1) describe how delirium impacts older adults in the hospital; (2) identify nonpharmacologic approaches to prevent delirium; (3) apply strategies for how to implement AGS CoCare®: HELP  as a quality improvement program in their hospital; (4) review the impact of social determinants of health for older adults and their impact on delirium; (5) describe strategies for success and sustainability for AGS CoCare®: HELP  programs; (6) identify the ways that delirium impacts patients with Alzheimer’s disease; (7) identify the key first steps in program planning and implementing AGS CoCare®: HELP  at their facility; (8) discuss the features of an annual report and how to write one for their program; and (9) describe the relationship of hearing loss in hospitalized patients to communication and health care utilization.

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