2023 Update on Vaccination Strategies for Older Adults: Matching the Approach to the Individual and the Care Setting

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This Update on Vaccination Strategies was presented as part of the 2023 AGS Annual Meeting and is available free to all users.

Vaccination against varied pathogens represents one of the best-validated and most effective strategies for the prevention of disease, hospitalization, disability, and death in older adults. Nevertheless, even expert geriatrics healthcare providers often lack relevant knowledge, especially regarding their use in older adults who are most vulnerable as a result of being frail, suffering from multiple chronic diseases, and residing in long-term care. Learning Objectives: (1) review the latest recommendations and guidelines pertaining to vaccination indications and schedules for older patients; (2) describe published and emerging research evidence pointing to specific aging-related differences in immune responses and immune protections following immunization with varied vaccines; (3) discuss the use of different vaccine formulations, addition of adjuvants, as well as geroscience-guided strategies for overcoming declines in immune responses with aging; and (4) review literature demonstrating the utility of varied strategies designed to overcome barriers to implementation of FDA-approved vaccines.

Introduction to the AGS/CMSS/CDC Vaccine Initiative
Sharon A. Brangman, MD, AGSF

Staying Up to Date and Making Sense of CDC Vaccination Guidelines   
Kenneth Schmader, MD

Optimizing Vaccine Effectiveness in Frail OIder Adults with Multiple Co-Morbidities
George A. Kuchel, MD

Improving Vaccine Uptake in Long-Term Care Settings
Stefan Gravenstein, MD, MPH

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