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Geriatrics Evaluation & Management Tools Clinical Templates to Support Clinicans and Systems that are Caring for Older Adults

ONLINE: 2 Years


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Product Description

The new AGS Geriatrics E&M Tools (GEMS) are 2-page clinical templates which follow a History & Physical (H&P) format, and are meant to provide guidance to clinicians and trainees who are caring for older adults. Topics included are Appropriate Prescribing, Behavior Disturbances in Dementia, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, Delirium, Dementia, Depression, Falls, Frailty, Insomnia, Multimorbidity (added in March 2015), Osteoporosis, Pressure Ulcers, Syncope (added in March 2015), and Urinary Incontinence.

The Behavior Disburances in Dementia and Depression chapters were updated in May 2015.

Available Formats

Print: The GEMS print edition is a spiral bound book with laminated pages for each topic that can be removed and used separately. The book will be shipped via Media Mail and will arrive within 1-2 weeks of ordering (for domestic US orders). No tracking information is available.

Please note that the Multimorbidity and Syncope chapters, and the updates to the Behavior Disturbances in Dementia and Depression chapters, are NOT available in the current print edition.

Online: The GEMS online format consists of PDF downloads for each chapter. They are accessed through your internet browser and the subscription is valid for 2 years. Online subscriptions are assigned to the user account used to place the purchase, and are immediately accessible in the My Library tab after payment.

Please note that AGS members receive free access to the GEMS online subscription.

Bundle: A bundle allows users to purchase a print copy and an online subscription together at a lower price than buying them separately. When you buy a bundle, the print copy will be shipped to the address provided and the online subscription will be available as described above.