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New Virtual Platform Gives Local Roots to AGS CoCare: Ortho Program


With support from The John A. Hartford Foundation, the American Geriatrics Society (AGS) today launched, a site providing resources and tools for hospitals interested in implementing the AGS CoCare: Ortho model. By helping health systems integrate geriatric and orthopedic expertise as soon as possible, AGS CoCare: Ortho seeks to improve care and lower health costs for the 260,000 older adults hospitalized annually with hip fractures. Offering more than 30 self-directed training modules and access to a portfolio of tools, resources, expert mentoring and guidance opportunities, and a strong networking platform, the new AGS CoCare: Ortho site will help geriatrics-orthopedics leaders learn to identify and reduce the risks for everything from falls and delirium to infections and increased mortality for hip fracture patients.

The curriculum included on the AGS CoCare: Ortho site not only introduces the co-management model as a foundation for geriatrics co-management training but also provides issue-specific guidance on critical concerns like the management of hip-fractures immediately before, during, and after surgery (also known as “perioperative” care) and discharge planning. Opportunities for continuing medical education, in-person and remote strategy sessions with program planners, and access to expert presentations, patient paperwork, and case studies will help AGS CoCare: Ortho subscribers simplify, standardize, and expedite AGS CoCare: Ortho implementation at hospitals across the U.S. health systems. 

For more information on licensing opportunities for AGS CoCare: Ortho, please contact Deena Sandos by email at or by phone at (212)-308-1414