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AGS Geriatrics Evaluation & Management Tools (GEMS) App

The AGS Geriatrics Evaluation & Management Tools (GEMS) App provides guidance to clinicians and trainees who are caring for older adults. Over 20 clinical topics are covered following a History & Physical (H&P) format.

App : 1 Year

GRS Flashcards

This app offers almost 600 flashcards across 6 categories - perfect for studying on-the-go. The flashcards are available free to those who have purchased the GRS9 Complete Edition from the American Geriatrics Society.

App :

GRS9 Mobile App

The GRS9 Mobile App makes all GRS9 content available on smartphone and tablet devices. All of the GRS9 chapters and questions are available here in an interactive, easy-to-navigate format. The GRS9 Mobile App can be used to attain Continuing Medical Educatio

App :

Geriatrics At Your Fingertips 2016 - Mobile App

Geriatrics At Your Fingertips™ mobile is an essential tool for all healthcare providers and trainees who care for older adults. It contains specialized, up-to-date evaluation and management strategies for common geriatric conditions and disorders.

App : 1 Year

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iGeriatrics-Mobile App

iGeriatrics combines the American Geriatrics Society's clinical information offerings in to one easy to use application.

App : 1 Year

Multimorbidity GEMS - Mobile App

The Multiple Chronic Conditions: Geriatrics Evaluation and Management Strategies App (MCC GEMS) addresses providing optimal care for frail elders with multiple chronic conditions, or multimorbidity.

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